UA Consulting LLC, we pride ourselves on providing prestige and quality solutions to the exact requirements of our clients. Our services are therefore specifically designed and tailored to the needs of each individual organization and situation.

 UA Consulting LLC has a highly educated and experienced Senior Consulting Team and professional staffs. Our staff assesses their performance and achievements against the maxim of Speed-Quality-Expertise, an underpinning feature of both our organizational culture and our client relationships.

The mission of UA Consulting LLC is to insure providing quality services to our clients and partners for their need with wide solution’s offer that fits their different and unique nature of businesses with flexible price offer, build a strong relationship with reliable partnership discipline and shared vision,  

One of our business successes is we are implementing the internet based online quick services access which is unlimited access to reach the partners, public and clients in seconds. Through the wide range of social media such are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google –mail we are partnering with our clients.  

Due to customer orientated service mind and quick responds of our service, we are so proud to see the result of increasing numbers of partner companies and the growth of our company in short period of time.

We are very proud of our success for the Replacements during the time we have been working in the Recruiting & Headhunting in Mongolia since September 2013.

During the time frame, we have been replacing 62 Talents into the TOP Level positions (Executive levels) only.

Out of 4 replacements, one of them is Top level management position or very high attention’ placement (unique or sector /industry’ required position). 

Our replacement success rate is more than 89%.

UAC-Recruiting team.


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